Dr. Majid Abedi


I have got a PhD in condenced matter physics from Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences from Iran in 2013. Then I moved to Dresden-Germany and started a postdoc in biophysics in the field of cell migration. I stayed a postoc researcher until 2016 and then I moved to company Freiheit.com technologies in Hamburg and worked as a data analyst and software engineer. Since January 2018 I moved to Braunschweig and I am doing research again!  


Current projects which I am involved:

- Analysis of Tumor heterigeneity in gastric cancer using MALDI images data

- Development of a model and software-package to study the cell-ECM interaction by considering their physical propertie using SubCellular Elements Model

- Improvement of an agent-based software based on a physical model for spatio-temporal organization of multicellular  systems  based on  Regular  Triangulation  and Voronoi Tesselation  


My other research interests:

- The connection between quantum entanglement and biological systems

- Mathematical modelling of biologicalsystes

- Biological data analysis

- Cell migration

- Quantum Algorithms 


Peer-Reviewed Journals

- Henrik Klessig, David Öhmann, Andreas I. Reppas, Haralampos Hatzikirou, Majid Abedi, Meryem Simsek and Gerhard Fettweis (2016), “From Immune Cells to Self-Organizing Ultra-Dense Small Cell Networks", JSAC Energy-Efficient Techniques for 5G Wireless Communication Systems, IEEE Journal

- Lida Ebrahimi Zohravi, Majid Abedi and Mohammad Mahmoudi, Phase-Controlled Transparent Superluminal Light Propagation in a Doppler-Broadened Four-Level N-Type System, 2014 Commun. Theor. Phys. 61, 506

- M. Bazarghan, Y. Jaberi, R. Amandi, M. Abedi, "Automatic ECG Beat Arrhythmia Detection" (2012), arXiv-qs:1209.0167

- Mortezapour, A., Abedi, M., Mahmoudi, M. and Khajehpour, M. R., "The Effect of a Coupling Field on the Entanglement Dynamics of a Three-Level Atom" (2011), J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., 44, 085501-1-9