J. M. Nava Sedeño


Josue Manik Nava Sedeño obtained a degree in Physics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2012. Afterwards, I moved to Dresden, Germany to obtain a Master's degree in Molecular Bioengineering at the Biotechnologisches Zentrum (BIOTEC) of the TU Dresden in 2014. Currently, I'm writing my PhD thesis on cellular automata models for single and collective cell migration under the supervision of A. Deutsch and H. Hatzikirou at the ZIH of the TU Dresden.

Research interests:

Markov chain models.
Cellular Automata.
Collective effects.
Pattern formation.
Cell migration.
Linear stability analysis.
Anomalous diffusion.
Probability theory and stochastic processes.
Statistical mechanics.



[2]  Nava-Sedeño, J. M., Hatzikirou, H., Peruani, F., & Deutsch, A. (2017). Extracting cellular automaton rules from physical Langevin equation models for single and collective cell migration. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 1-26.

[1] Nava-Sedeno, J. M., Ortiz-Cervantes, A., Segura, A., & Domagal-Goldman, S. D. (2016). Carbon Monoxide and the Potential for Prebiotic Chemistry on Habitable Planets around Main Sequence M Stars. Astrobiology, 16(10), 744-754.