Dr. Haralampos (Babis) Hatzikirou


I am an applied mathematician interested in complex systems related to mainly biomedical problems and also for bio-inspired algorithms. My research is divided into (i) modeling of biological multicellular systems, (ii) development of tools for multiscale mathematical modeling and analysis, and (iii) design of bio-inspired decision-making algorithms for multi-agent systems. 

Short Bio: It was a sunny morning of 1978 when a tremendous thing came to Earth... me! This little guy (hmm...not really) was born in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece. Soon after, we changed a couple of cities and I landed at my second hometown, Serres, where I spent my school years. Finishing the school in 1996, Thessaloniki was ready to accept me for my university studies in the Mathematics department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki . In 2001, after five incredible years, I left Greece to enroll in the program of Industrial Mathematics (Technomathematik) in TU Kaiserslautern. I stayed for 1,5 year, and the road brought to the amazing capital of Germany, Berlin. There I spent almost one year doing my master thesis at the ITB under the supervision Prof. H. Herzel.  Finally, in 2004, i received a Marie Curie scholarship to accomplish my PhD thesis in the IMC group of A. Deutsch, in ZIH at TU Dresden. In 2009, Europe was fed up with me and I found myself playing the cowboy in Texas, with my ranch at UT at Houston. Next year (2010), in an attempt to find Bugs Bunny, I found myself in Albuquerque at University of New Mexico. While searching I ended up again in Germany (2011), and in particular in Brunswick, at the Helmholtz Institute for Infection Research collaborating with M. Meyer-Hermann. Although I was trying to keep myself away, the sirens of Dresden called me back and from now on (2013), I will be a group leader in the new excellence cluster of cfAED. But life makes circles and since 2016, me and my group came back to Helmholtz Institute for Infection Research


Here you can find my CV and my Google Scholar.